Me or a switcheroo

1 06 2013

Tell Tale Therapy

At first glance, the Daily Post prompt brought to mind a roll call of bloggers that I’d rather like to be – those who have more humour, creativity, spontaneity, art, craft and a soupçon of je ne sais quois. In short the talented!

Rather than go shape shifting into another blogger though I really do need to stick with being me and working out what it’s all about. Even without summoning Heidegger, being-in-the-blogging-world is difficult enough. Aside from the fact that it’s virtual, are we who we say we are, do we say what we want, or do we even have anything to say?

I’m not seeking fame yet still have to resist the feedback loop of stats and the pressure to reach the heights of the freshly pressed. Neither am I aiming to make a fortune, or even a dime, and I don’t blog for peace or posterity or…

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Affiliate Marketing

11 05 2010

Ho ho! You land on my billboards. I know why you’re here it’s because you want to make extra money. It’s not easy as this time making money and economic crissis have stained spills around which radically affect world market.

Affiliate marketing is one of the new source of income nowadays. It’s legit and more conventional than any other online making. PTC right now, well most of them are scams. I’ve seen 2 sites which only have different names but their system and even some pages are all the same. I want to blow up their website. One thing I always check if a website is good and legit is if their are contacts and about us pages. I need to know who’s this fucking dude making website and making money without even thinking. So you want proof? Check out this two sites PTC Wallet and Big Money PTC. Their system is exacltly the same.

Now let’s move on to affiliate marketing. If you already know what’s the process and what you neeed to do then, I want to recommend my 2 high paying affiliate  programs that I tried and works really fine and big commissions to earn clickbank  and Commission Junction.

That’s it for now. Bye.